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High Impact HIV Prevention in Community-Based Organizations

How community-based organizations (CBOs)
support the National HIV/AIDS Strategy

The National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS) and high-impact HIV prevention (HIP) approaches have called for a shift in the operation of HIV prevention, care, and treatment programs. These approaches can better reach at-risk populations and geographic areas by emphasizing scalable, cost-effective, and evidence-based services, and by equipping front line staff with tools and resources to provide these services. By utilizing CDC-supported evidence-based interventions targeted to high-risk populations and geographic areas, CBOs can play a critical role in helping to achieve the goals of NHAS and provide improved care for populations most affected by and at-risk for HIV infection.

The Capacity Building Assistance Provider Network (CPN) delivers FREE HIV prevention training and technical assistance to community-based organizations (CBOs)

CBOs operate in a challenging and rapidly changing environment and capacity building assistance (CBA) providers are available to provide support. FREE services from the CBA Provider Network (CPN), include training, technical assistance, consultation, and information to enhance CBO planning, implementation, and sustainability of evidence-based, culturally appropriate high-impact HIV prevention (HIP) strategies. CBA providers work with CBOs to achieve their HIV prevention goals and build organizational strength.

Capacity building assistance is not one-size-fits-all. Each CBA provider will tailor services to meet your unique needs. Contact any one of our organizations and we can guide you through the process.


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Getting to Zero (G2Zero) is a capacity building initiative that specializes in assisting community-based organizations (CBOs) in implementing creative, cost-effective, time-proven approaches that reduce new HIV infections and improve the quality of life for people living with HIV.

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Capacity for Health (C4H) a program of APIAHF, builds on 25 years of providing public health and HIV prevention-related capacity building assistance (CBA). Continuously funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since 1993, C4H currently provides CBA services to both community-based organizations (CBOs) and health departments.

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ETR’s Community Impact Solutions project (CISP) formerly known as Tabono, has worked to strengthen the capacity of the HIV workforce to plan, implement, and sustain community high-impact HIV prevention interventions and strategies.

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CBA@JSI provides tailored technical assistance and training to enhance CBO capacity to plan, implement, and sustain a high-impact approach to HIV prevention. JSI helps organizations navigate the changing healthcare environment, support the HIV care continuum, and carry out activities that align with High-Impact HIV Prevention.

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Hands United comes with 17 years providing capacity building assistance (CBA) to community-based organizations locally, regionally and nationally. Using our homegrown CBA model (the CHANGE model), we enhance organizations and their workforce around high-impact HIV testing and linkage to care, prevention with positives, and organizational infrastructure and program sustainability.

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National Community Health Partners (NCHP) is entering its fourth (4th) funding cycle with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide capacity building assistance to community-based organizations (CBOs) across the country and in the eight (8) US territories.

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Linking and Integrating Networks for Collaboration (NMAC) provides capacity building assistance through the Linking and Integrating Networks for Collaboration (LINC) program, specifically targeting capacity building for community-based organizations, within the Capacity Building Assistance Division.

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NYC CBA has a goal to build skills and knowledge at the individual and organizational level as well as increase organizational capacity to deliver high quality, sustainable prevention and care activities and services that will promote healthier outcomes for people living with and at high risk of HIV infection.

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PROCEED, Inc.’s National Center for Training, Support, and Technical Assistance (NCTSTA) is a leading provider of capacity building assistance to health and human service organizations and professionals throughout the United States and its territories.

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API Wellness provides high quality CBA services to CBOs who are implementing HIV Testing, Prevention with Positives, and Condom Distribution programs. As a CBO with over two decades of experience providing HIV prevention CBA nationwide and providing HIV prevention services in our own local communities, we are able to offer our peer CBOs a breadth of promising practices, information, training, and technical assistance related to High Impact HIV Prevention programming and evaluation.

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UCSF has a long and successful history of delivering CBA to CBOs, going back to the beginning of the epidemic. We provide information dissemination services, training, and TA, including the facilitation of peer-to-peer learning.

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Visit effectiveinterventions.cdc.gov to view and request training for your organization, or contact one of the CBA providers below to learn more about CBA services.